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Giselle is the main character in Walt Disney Pictures', Enchanted. She is both voiced and performed by actor, Amy Adams. She has red hair and blue eyes, and hails from the animated world of Andalasia. She is first seen making a pretend prince out of leaves and twigs (with the help of her animal friends) in her forest home when she is attacked by a forest troll. Just in the nick of time, the valiant Prince Edward shows up and saves her from the troll. Shortly after, the two agree to get married. But on the day of their wedding, Giselle is pushed into a magic wishing well, and is transported into the real world. After some close encounters, Giselle meets Robert Philip, who takes her to his house to stay the night. In the end, Robert and Giselle fall in love, and Giselle decides to stay with him in the real world.


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